Comprehensive Retail Project Management

GPL Retail Development Solutions has, to date, opened more than 600 stores across the country in almost every state.

GPL Retail Development Solutions is prepared to expand your retail concept anywhere in the U.S.A. Retail expansion is a tricky business; it requires experience with real estate, legal, store design, leases, permits, contractors and vendors, who all need to be managed into a determined and focused team. Knowledge and contacts in various fields are an essential part to a successful program.

Seamless Attention To Detail

We provide attention to each element involved with expansion in order to move your retail business to the next level. From real estate development to seamless project management, we can help your retail establishment thrive in the competitive American marketplace.

At GPL Retail Development Solutions, we believe there is a critical relationship between real estate, design, and construction when trying to expand a retail store. Our job is to manage these three separate disciplines as if they were one. We work with a production line mentality to reduce cost and time.

Project Management Services

Our intelligent project management is combined with our executive-level capabilities in order to help you glide smoothly through the expansion process. Our services include:

• Real Estate Strategy Development
• Store Design Process Management
• Lease Review and Negotiation
• Materials Procurement Assistance
• Construction Management
• General Contractor Management and

Cost-Effective Solutions

We believe that these services contribute to making the expansion process faster. Construction timelines, lower capital expenditure requirements, and enhanced return on investment for the retailer.